Bringing sustainability in fashion to the forefront

As a leader in Ethical Luxury, ELISA C-ROSSOW was founded over a decade ago upon values that are only recently top of mind to many Canadian fashion consumers. That less can be more, that quality is more important than quantity. That clothing can be made ethically, locally – right here in Canada, and that it can be made with little to no waste.

It was in 2021 that the brand decided to work with a PR agency for the very first time and ZAK was thrilled to be enlisted to help tell the Elisa C-Rossow story to a whole new generation of eco-conscious fashion consumers. For our launch strategy, we felt that something more was needed than a typical showroom style presentation. We saw an opportunity to help educate on sustainable, ethical practices in fashion through platforming Elisa’s unbelievable wealth of knowledge and practical experience in this area

ZAK partnered with Founding Executive Director of Fashion Takes Action, Kelly Drennan, also an industry expert in sustainability, to co-host a virtual fireside chat event. The stage was set at the McCord Museum in Montreal where the two women shared their passion for sustainability in fashion during the 30-minute-long webinar.

Attendees included several of Canada’s top fashion and lifestyle media and influencers, among them, several editors-in-chief.  It was a great way to gather content for an on-going story-telling strategy that includes topics such as circularity, the impact of fashion on biodiversity, and of course the brands meticulously crafted seasonal collections.