RISE Kombucha was created with the forward-thinking consumer in mind, and it has remained faithful to its mission of making a good for you Kombucha that also tastes great. This focus helped catapult the brand early on into a top-selling Kombucha brand in Quebec – so in 2018, the brand set its sights on further expanding sales across Canada and enlisted Zak Communications, a forward-thinking Canadian Lifestyle PR agency to help get more people to fall for this fun-loving brand.

The job to be done was to garner national media attention and social buzz through an education focused strategy devised to help shift perceptions of kombucha as a fringe beverage enjoyed mostly by ‘hippies’ to the beverage of choice for modern health-conscious consumers who love RISE for its fizz, flavor and functional health benefits.

Zak has been winning over hearts and minds through a series of earned media and influencer initiatives including an immersive plant tour experiences, a virtual RISE Happy Hour kombucha tasting event and on-going brand storytelling. We additionally developed experiential brand partnerships with notable wellness and nutrition expert Abbey Sharp and most recently with Master Chef Canada contestant Marissa Leon-John to bring to life the unique RISE brand story in a compelling and original way.

2020 PR Results highlights: 544 social media mentions, 136 traditional media mentions for a total of  120 mm impressions. The brand exceeded its 2020 sales goal.