RISE Kombucha: Flavour Escape

Tasked with launching two new RISE Kombucha flavours in the Spring of 2021, Zak was challenged to create an event that would stand out as an antidote to the Zoom fatigue media and influencers were facing. Inspired by the new flavors, Peach & Mango and Lime & Matcha, Zak was up to the challenge!

Our mandate was to educate on both the benefits of consuming kombucha as part of a healthy lifestyle and to show how RISE fits easily into daily life. In partnership with Award-Winning Health & Wellness Expert Sonia Jhas, and Master-Chef Canada Contestant Marissa Leon-John, we created a virtual RISE Kombucha interactive tasting event, inspired by the fresh flavour profiles and tapping into a need for wanderlust and escapism.

Guests received a RISE Flavour Escape trial kit that included the new RISE flavours in addition to a meal prep kit featuring two custom recipes from Chef Marissa Leon-John that paired with the new flavors. Our goal was to provide a ‘no-pressure’ experience where guests were invited to cook at their leisure after the event vs. during, to ensure that everyone could be present to be entertained by the positive and upbeat energy of our presenters.

During this interactive virtual session, our host Sonia reinforced RISE’s nutritional benefits while sharing lifestyle tips to fuel moments of escapism while travel isn’t possible. Chef Marissa introduced her custom recipes inspired by the new Spring 2021 RISE flavours, sparking discussion around kombucha and food pairings. She also spoke about the power of food as a way to experience different cultures and how to travel without leaving home through cooking. The RISE team added to the conversation to introduce the new flavours and speak to the inspiration while sharing anecdotes from a R&D perspective.

Media were delighted to discover the new Peach & Mango and Lime & Matcha while learning more about the brand story and the many health benefits of RISE Kombucha. We exceeded our RSVP goal, guests were engaged, curious and asking questions of the experts. It was a fun and enjoyable time for Zak and RISE to connect, with Canada’s top food & lifestyle media, resulting in exceptional traditional and social media coverage.