The Power of Integrated Social Media / PR Strategy

In our nearly two decades of experience, suffice to say we have seen a lot of changes in the PR industry. Beginning with the evolution from traditional to digital and SEO, to the proliferation of smartphones, the growing importance of influencers to today’s ever-evolving social media landscape – we at Zak have continuously strived to remain ahead of the curve.

The ongoing rise of the Public in Public Relations means more and more consumers are using social media to both discover and interact with brands. As a modern PR agency, Zak offers fully integrated PR and social media strategy and services as a one-stop solution for brands looking to elevate their online presence, and to form lasting relationships with consumers. Our social media service offering includes everything from providing support to internal teams to content creation through our strategic partnership with Montreal based Imagemotion, campaign strategy and management including Paid Media.

When PR met social…

While marketers have embraced digital advertising to reach audiences where they are – an integrated social / PR strategy can bring not only authenticity but also efficiency, especially when internal teams are challenged to keep up with growing content needs and new algorithms. Turning to the OG of content creation (we just never thought to call it that) makes a lot of sense, as does working with a partner who has a deep understanding of brand ethos, key messages plus an eye for what’s trending. 

From the inventors of the unboxing, PR pros are well versed in the art of telling stories across a variety of mediums. From a full-scale brand immersion event to a clever caption or hashtag, an integrated PR / social strategy can help build awareness efficiently, providing organic opportunities for content and engagement. By integrating media and influencer tactics such as events or mailers, PR can bring valuable UGC or even full-scale white label programs to a social strategy – taking full advantage of PR’s strong relationships with creators.

With Canadians, on average, spending about 1.53 hours on social media daily, the number of social media users in 2022 has increased to 33.30 million and is only expected to grow further. Platforms such as TikTok are transforming the media landscape with video content now reigning supreme regardless of the platform. Many brands are seeing the benefits of a less siloed approach to their communications efforts and see the power of combining social and PR efforts into one cohesive strategy.  

Looking towards Web 3 and the unfolding metaverse, as modern storytellers, we at Zak can’t wait for what’s next!